Getting Here


Location - How to Find Us

Villa Ravello Grecamore

Via Logetta
84010 Ravello (SA)
For ‘For GPS/SatNav enter: Via Della Repubblica, 48, Ravello, Salerno - it will brings you closest to our main entrance (see also note below).

There are only two ways to reach Ravello (unless arriving by helicopter): The Valico di Chiunzi (after leaving the motorway) and the road up from the Coast Road. The following directions will bring you to near the start of Via Della Repubblica and then follow paragraph 3.

1/ Arriving via the Valico di Chiunzi
The road will take you down into Ravello. When you reach a junction with a tunnel on your right and the sea on your left, (big sign on wall “Ravello Festival”) go straight ahead keeping sea on your left. Follow directions in second paragraph down.

2/ Arriving from the Coast Road
As you come up into Ravello there is a junction with a turning on your right, ahead a tunnel and a sign indicating ‘Ravello Centre’. Ignore the sign/turning, keep going straight ahead through the tunnel and when you exit the tunnel, take the right turn.

3/ Go straight on past a small parade of shops on your right and then there is a turn on your left. There is a restaurant entrance called “Salvatore” on the turn – its quite a sharp one. This is Via Della Repubblica. Follow this down going past Ravello’s Auditorium on a sharp right hand bend (curved white building) and after 200m look out for No. 46 & 48 on the right-hand side. There is a tower and immediately on the left-hand side you will see the sign and entrance for Via Loggetta. Park near there, preferably not in a pay-parking bay, come to the house and we’ll show you around, handle the check-in, etc. We can then deal with luggage and show you the entrance to the garage.


NOTE: Our road, Via Loggetta, is now a foot path and accessed from Via della Repubblica. On many online maps Via Loggetta is still shown as a regular road and routes can be created to reach it. Unfortunately it will often bring you to the wrong place, usually involving steps. PLEASE use the sue the details above for electronic navigation.